ADSEAL (Resin Based Sealer)

ADSEAL (Resin Based Sealer)

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Resin Based Sealer


  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Easy-to-mix paste
  • Hermetic sealing ability
  • Nonstaining to the teeth
  • Insoluble in tissue fluids
  • Good radiopacity
  • Film thickness: 3.3
  • Permanent root canal sealing
  • Thermal obturation
  • 13.5g dual syringe
    Base 9g (Epoxy resin, Calcium phosphate)
    Catalyst 4.5g (Amines, Bismuth subcarbonate)
  • Spatula
  • Mixing Plate
  • Base-epoxy oligomer resin, Ethylene glycol salicylate, Bismuth subcarbonate
  • Catalyst-Poly butanediol aminobenzoate, Calcium Phosphate, Bismuth subcarbonate
  • Two years from the production date