ADSEAL Plus | Experience the upgrade performance

Welcome to the future of endodontic excellence with ADSEAL Plus, a root canal sealer that sets a new standard in dental care. Building upon the success of its predecessor, ADSEAL, our latest innovation, ADSEAL Plus, represents a significant leap forward in root canal sealing technology. We invite you to explore the enhanced features and benefits that make ADSEAL Plus a standout choice in the realm of endodontic sealers. Elevate your practice, elevate patient care with ADSEAL Plus.

Economical Improvement with 2 Types of Tips

ADSEAL Plus offer a green-colored dispense tip that enhances control of achieving the desired amount of sealer and an auto-mix tip (optional, sold separately), which provides users with easy and convenient mixing.

Exceptional Flowability

ADSEAL Plus provides the most appropriate flowability for RCT when base and catalyst are mixed.

Accurate Diagnosis

ADSEAL Plus shows about 25% higher radiopaque than competitor A.

Stability and User Friendly Grip

ADSEAL Plus syringe has a finger-friendly design with a reduced strain of 24mm flange size, while maintaining a same weight of ADSEAL (13.5g).

Unparalleled Aesthetic Enhancement

ADSEAL Plus contains Zirconium Oxide which doesn't cause tooth discoloration. (Bismuth-free)

High Biocompatibility and Increased Safety

ADSEAL Plus contains Calcium Phosphate, it offers biocompatibility and safety for humans.