EQ-S | Let it flow!

It's time to meet EQ-S, our effective 3D irrigation. EQ-S excels in delivering a multi-directional, rapid dispersion of irritants throughout the root canal.

If you're a dental professional dedicated to providing the highest level of care to your patients, you're in for a treat. EQ-S isn't just an ordinary root canal irrigator; it's a powerful and effective tool designed to elevate your practice and transform the way you approach endodontic procedures.

Benefits of Using Our EQ-S

1. Active Flow Technology: Indentation along the tip, combined with counter clockwise motion, ensures 3D Active Flow. The unique shape and design of the EQ-S tip create stronger force, which enhances flow in small canals.

2. Active Flow Polymer Tip: The color-coded tips provide perfect interaction with irritants, while also offering easier access to curved canals and reducing pressure on the apical foramen.


3. Powerful Cleaning: EQ-S stands out with its unparalleled capability for powerful and thorough cleaning. Here is a picture after using of EQ-S with MD-Cleanser.


Dr. Jenner Argueta, DDS, M.Sc.

My clinical feeling of EQ-S, as a multidirectional sonic device and the novel design of the activating tips, when working inside of the root canal is quite good. It is also useful in my clinical practice for removing medicaments, spreading bioceramic sealers inside of the root canal previous to the placement of the master cone and cements previous to the placement of fiber posts

Dr. Johnny Onori, DDS, M.Sc.

EQ-S is an innovative device, versatile, of easy clinical use, offering something that so far had not been seen in a sonic device. My clinical experience is the multidirectional movement of the tip causing more fluid dynamics, creating continuous waves and having better cleaning, disinfection and removal of the smear layer. High power can be used for irrigation or removing Calcium hydroxide and low can be used for spreading bioceramic sealer before placing the master cone.