Ezfil | Feel the way it fills

Are you looking for a solution to enhance your root canal procedures? Look no further than Ezfil, the nano hybrid composite resin designed specifically for root canal treatments. Discover the benefits of Ezfil, where innovation meets precision, making every procedure a success.

Advantages of Ezfil

Ezfil offers a range of advantages that make it the ideal choice for root canal procedures:

1. Strength and aesthetics

  • Experience our new improved composite Ezfil: Nanoscale fillers of various sizes enhance both strength and naturalness of restoration. Our own optimized filler combination makes your treatment easier than ever. It works for both anterior and posterior teeth (Class I, II, III, IV, V)
  • Non-Sticky, Non-Slumping: Ezfil has 74.36% of optimal filler content which makes it non-sticky and non-slumping and very easy to manipulate before placement.

    2. Low Shrinkage: Low shrinkage is an important property to avoid Post-Op sensitivity. Ezfil has 2% of shrinkage rate for superior marginal integrity.

    3. Manipulation enhanced: Ezfil simplifies dental treatments by offering a quick and user-friendly solution with manipulation enhancement.

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