METACEM (Dual-Cured Resin Cement)

METACEM (Dual-Cured Resin Cement)

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Dual-Cured Resin Cement


  • Easy-to-use for cosmetic indirect restorations
  • Provides high resistance to compressive force
  • Provides a dual-cure for highly shaded, thick or opaque cementation
  • 5 shades correspond with shade guide A1, A3, B2, TL (Translucent white), OP (Opaque)


  • Crowns & bridges (ceramic, composite, porcelain)
  • Inlay/onlay cementation
  • Bonding for porcelain veneers

Metacem Set

  • 2 Dual syringe(A3, Translucent white shade, 9g/ea)
  • P&Bond 5g
  • Etchant 3g
  • 20 Mixing tips
  • 20 Etchant disposable tips
  • Spatula
  • Mixing pad paper
  • 10 Adhesive brushes

Metacem Refill

  • 1 Dual syringe (A1, A3, B2, Translucent white, Opaque, 9g/ea)